We serve underperforming to distressed businesses. BL Consultants works alongside all stakeholders to facilitate tangible improvements to profit, cash flow and balance sheet. We guide clients through complex restructurings. We are retained for our personalized approach, established reputation, and proven ability to bring restructuring to the best possible outcome.
In some cases, the best way to maximize asset value is to seek recovery by initiating a bankruptcy or other insolvency proceeding. BL Consultants focuses on minimizing disruption to the business while working with creditors and other stakeholders to maximize recoveries. We have vast experience as court appointed receivers. We manage a variety of assets including commercial and residential real estate as well as operating businesses in a wide range of industries. We focus on stabilizing the property or business, removing waste and improving the asset's value for the benefit of all constituents with the goal of maximizing asset values for sale.
Our expert witnesses, forensic accountants and court-appointed receivers have the experience and reputation to effectively resolve your unique litigation needs. Our experts gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation in order to present results with clarity and conviction. Our team has experience testifying and are recognized as experts in both Federal and State courts. BL Consultants provides tailored solutions that will help you meet the challenges and opportunities of doing business in today's ever-evolving climate.
Consultants is an industry leader specializing in restructuring and litigation support. We offer an individualized, hands-on approach to organizations facing financial situations demanding action, clarity and results. Whether you're looking to restructure your business, recover investments or resolve disputes, BL Consultants is the solution you've been searching for.